Product Description

Incendium offers different versions of tank protection. Customers can choose from over-the-top application, sub surface injection and semi sub surface injection with hose magazine.

Floating tank roofs are normally protected with over-the-top application. On these tanks the protection is primarily directed to the floating tank roof seal and internal walls.

Incendium’s Tank Foam Generator, TFG, is available in several different designs. All models have easy access for testing and inspection.

When using sub surface injection, expanded foam is injected into the tank after passing a foam solution sealing membrane. The foam sealing membrane’s properties is that they can withstand a high pressure from inside the tank while it opens at a much lower pressure from the foam system.

Sealing membranes are also used with sub surface tube magazine injection where the foam injects the hose into the tank and up to the surface. This method is used when the product in the tank has properties that breaks down the foam liquid, such as alcohols.

Cooling the tank and roof sheathing can be done with a fixed sprinkler system or from monitors. We can offer recommendations for cooling water capacities and provide appropriate spray nozzles. If you choose to cool with fire water monitors you can choose between using electric, oscillating or manual monitors.

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